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Having Our Own Indian Chef Help Us Ensure Our Food Are Authentic

We are always improving our menu because we know that food is very important to the welfare of your workers. That is why we engaged our own Chef from Indian. In this way, we can better control the quality and taste of our food, and also bring authenticity to our food.

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Indian Menu

Our Indian food menu are rotated daily. From Thosai to Briyani, your workers would surely enjoy their sumptuous meal.

Bangla Menu

Roti Prata, Fish Curry, Masala. A delicious menu that bring home a little closer for your workers.

Chinese/ Custom Menu

Need a little more extra touch? We can custom menu too.

Special Order for QO

Premium Catering is one in a handful of professional caterers who has stepped forward to work with The Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) and Hotel Chancellor to ensure the migrant workers who have been serving Quarantine Order (QO) in the GQF able to consume freshly cooked, hygienic, nutritious daily meals which combined of rice, vegetable and meat.

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