Experience the convenience of Smart Incubator

The Smart Incubator

Premium Catering Private Ltd is providing Smart Incubator as welfare to our foreign workers. This Smart Incubator will let them have their meals all times in warm temperatures up to 60 Degree Celsius. This will also help to solve the hygiene storage of food from preventing pests harbouring and will also solve the current problems whereby all workers are facing, such as missing out on meals, shortage of meals and even the taste of the food.

The capacity for each cubicle can contain 3pax of Indian or Bangladesh food. Which means a panel of the warmer machine can cater up to 108pax. As for Chinese food, each cubicle can contain 2pax which makes it a panel of the warmer machine can cater up to 72pax. The operating system of warmer machine itself can operate up to 3 panels.

Operation Support

Technical Support
WhatsApp/ SMS

How It Works
In Just 3 Simple Steps

Enter Cubicle Number

Enter the box display number at the keypad / Touch screen of the box display number to select your food.

Tap Given Access Card

Scan the access card and the selected display box will open for the access of food.

Retrieve Food

Close back the box lip after getting the food to prevent losing of heat.

Innovation Technology

Warm Cubicle
Label Numbering
Touch Screen Panel with display of Company portfolio or Site Safety Measures
Card Reader
Display Screen

Experience the convenience of Smart Incubator

Kill Bacteria

Touch Screen Panel

Bright LED Light

Keep Warm and Fresh

Optional Payment Mode

Strong Steel Structure Body

Product Specifications

Panel : High Resolution Touch Screen Panel

Dimension : 195cm x 107cm x 36cm

Weight : 450kg

Capacity : 100 boxes/packets per incubator

Payment Mode : Access Card/ Cash

Temperature : Up to 60 Degree Celsius